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Tinton Falls Invisalign ® for a Confident New Smile!

If you've been thinking about Invisalign ® for a while, just one appointment with Tinton Falls orthodontics dentist Dr. Bilow is all you need to find out whether these clear aligners will work for you. And since your Invisalign ® system will be tailor-made just for you, you know you'll have the smile that's right for you. Many of our patients have discovered that these invisible braces are a great cosmetic dentistry option.

It's easier than you think to have lovely, straight teeth. At NJ Laser Dentistry we will fit you with a series of clear braces or aligners that you switch out every couple of weeks. Each successive aligner is carefully manufactured to move your teeth gradually into place over the course of several months.

Call today for an appointment at (732) 842-7010 or just fill out our simple online form. And if you're wondering about Invisalign cost, we have a range of affordable payment options that will fit your budget.

Invisalign dentistry appointments available.

Practice Services

  Cosmetic dentistry for beautiful smiles

  Comfortable, clear Invisalign® braces

  Whitening for brighter natural looking teeth

  Friendly, caring family dentistry

  NTI-tss plus to relieve migraines

  We specialize in second opinions

  Thorough checkups

  Fast toothache relief

  Emergencies welcome

  Dental Bonding & Dental Bridges

  Dental Phobia Treatment

  6 Month Braces

  Gingivitis Treatment

  TMJ/TMD Dentistry

  Porcelain Veneers

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If you need to find a dentist contact us at (844) 310-7470 for a map, office hours and directions. We're looking forward to helping your learn about your options for affordable Invisalign dentistry.

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Dr. Bruce Bilow and his friendly team are committed to helping your receive the personalized Invisalign dentistry care you need. At NJ Laser Dentistry our staff is trained in the latest techniques.